Kate Pittman

Welcome to my world,  in which life as an intuitive co-mingles with a  desire to use  intriguing  color, texture, techniques and subjects in  artwork.   Creating any piece starts with the background, formed while being receptive to an intuited idea or two. Acrylic paints, mediums, and  embedded objects usually  depict forms of energy. Focal points are added later.    Often the subject matter, techniques and colors  choose themselves.  Is some of the work  being channeled?  Who knows, but  "Wow"  - what a great adventure it  is.

Many paintings include high gloss,  Iridescent and metallic paints.  Some paintings include resin.  Colors and intensities appear differently depending on angles photographed and  lighting.  The resin pieces often have odd reflections in them that can't be helped.  Please request additional photos.

kpittman111@gmail.com     Email if you have questions, or  are interested in original pieces ,  giclees  and gift options .

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